My condition remains the same

Not much really to say that’s different from the last time I posted. I continue to be hit non-stop in the face and hands with chemical irritants of various sorts, day and night and sometimes even in my sleep causing me to wake up. Sleep is very hard to come by without pharmaceutical aid.

There is not much I can do about breathing the stuff in, I do have to breath after all. I can however, wash the chemicals off of my skin using a large natural sponge that I carry around in a  round Coleman hot beverage thermos filled with either hot or cold water.  It leaks if tipped over but can be carried with me everywhere I go which is usually necessary. If I don’t wash the irritants off their toxic effects become cumulative. When I do wash them off however, I am dosed again at the most inconvenient moment, like when I’ve put my glasses back on and dried off etc., requiring me to immediately do it all over again.There has to be some bio-monitoring technology that alerts the perpetrator as to my dosage level and the chemicals are re-applied accordingly.  It is hard for me not to imagine that this dosage maintenance is accomplished by some sort of remotely located machine or AI but not always, sometimes it is done manually as I can “hear” human speech commenting.

I am not speaking to the un-initiated here, if this is your first time reading anything like this then it must undoubtedly sound crazy. This is, for the most part, common knowledge however, to almost all Targeted Individuals and Gang Stalkers alike. The recent acknowledgement by the Pentagon of UFO existance complete with fighter jet video of one in “flight”, makes me very hopeful that other formerly “woo woo” revelations like what I am experiencing are soon to follow. The Bible does say that everything done in the dark will one day be revealed and it would appear that we are entering that period of time, accountability and prosecutions soon to follow.

Because I am not able to breath normally, I am also unable to exercise anymore causing, my weight to balloon. I am also sleep deprived as well. I know that they can hit me with doses that will totally incapacitate me and in all likelyhood kill me, but I will never capitulate nor surrender to their will. Kill me if you must, but you assholes can go fuck yourselves. I didn’t give in when you first attacked me nor when you murdered my mother, I have a job to do and I’m going to either complete it or perish in the attempt. I have zero respect for these Satanic shithead criminals.

Sorry about the profanity but there are just some things I think and feel that cannot be adequately communicated any other way. Look at what I do, not what I say…

When telling others about what I’m going through I am invariably confronted with the challenge to produce some sort of tangible proof that this is actually real and not just all in my head. I believe I now have a way to do that although I am sure that it won’t make much difference to people even if I scientifically proved it to them. Just listen to the global uproar regarding the Pentagon’s UFO proof and admission. Crickets. I’m now afraid that we have so successfully been conditioned to being apathetic no matter how sensational the event, no amount of proof will be able to overcome people’s mental inertia.

What a shame.




Hard to keep a good Brown down

So weird to be where I am today, eyes wide open, seeing more and more, everyday. So strange to have this “new” reality pushed upon me, or rather me being thrust into it. Looking back on the life I once knew seems so far away, like a whole other person altogether. Nostalgic.

I’m still here, still being poisoned by gases around the clock and still very optimistic about the future. As I’ve stated previously in other posts, I believe life to be a fantastic journey and I’m chomping at the bit to exploit every breath I take to the fullest, even if that breath be toxic. Have I said it once? Maybe even twice? Just to be sure let me say it one more time, FUCK YOU GANG STALKERS. Merde!  I simply must learn to curb my roguish tongue…

Would not trade places with anybody, truly feel I occupy privileged space and that I am in excellent company. Seriously, I would not go back if I could, so much too see here, so much to do and learn. Count it all joy. I truly feel sorry for all the cowards of the world, dying a thousand deaths while never venturing out far enough to glimpse the truth. The truth that reality is mostly an illusion. An illusion, a panacea, a con-program and an opiate meant to keep you pacified yet productive, much like a farm animal. An actual Orwellian “Animal Farm” complete with a “Handicapper General” ala Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron”. I’m happy with it after all but  would be far happier if more awoke from the dream. Recent events are rather encouraging, if nothing more than a “feel good”. Still, something transformative may present.

No, holding true to my newfound sight I did not vote, abstaining from the entire sordid process. It isn’t that I didn’t care, I quietly rooted for Donald Trump even though I could not in good conscience bring myself to participate. I’m done casting ballots for either one side of the “Deep State” or the other. It just ain’t that simple people. Tired of the puppet show, I’ve seen behind the curtain. Pillory me if you must but someone has to make a stand for integrity. That said, I really hope Trump turns our country around.

Anyway, a couple of days ago (three maybe), I took the test for and passed my Motorcycle Learners Permit at the California DMV. Yeaaaaa! I’ve only ridden a motorcycle once in my life but am determined to cross this item off of my “bucket list”. Now all I have to do is pass the driving portion (riding test) and I can add the “M1” endorsement to my Commercial Drivers License. I will then be able to operate anything with wheels on public streets legally except passenger buses and dump trucks pulling dirt. I am so excited. Next I’m going for my private pilot license with helicopter rating, hopefully in less than 250 hours. Gonna have to get a bike now, huh?

No, being attacked doesn’t have to stop nor diminish you in any way, I’m proof positive. Still here, accident free and law abiding. Still healthy too, despite others best efforts to harm. It’s simple really, live for things that are more than yourself refusing to surrender nor quit, you will make it. Let no one control you but you and don’t ever let anyone steal your joy.

Remember, life is a fantastic journey, not a destination. Own the day…

Phlegm that I cough up some mornings

Me in mask green

allstaractivist note: I don’t mean to gross anybody out with these pictures (even one of my doctors crinkled up his nose) but if I don’t show them, how will you know? I haven’t been photo documenting the symptoms that my poisoning is producing because I just don’t want to spend all my time preoccupied with my health. Of course, I would like to be healthy, but this is out of my control and I’m simply not going to let it stop me nor even slow me down if I can help it. Another reason I’m not documenting like I should is that I don’t want to scare people so much that they refuse to fight back or just give up. I’t is kinda obvious that the poisoning is another form of terrorism / torture and I’m not going to aid the shitheads in pumping fear. Really, there is nothing to fear but God and not living up to His expectations, the petty creeps responsible for this will soon be gone forever and are nothing to be feared at all. In the end, we are all mortal so why bother spending precious days above ground worrying about the inevitable? Do all you can, while you can I say, cause ain’t nobody getting out of this alive anyway.

Fuck you Gang Stalkers and your poisoning, just wait till Judgement Day come when you will have to live what you’ve done to others. Stupid chumps for Satan….

By the way, multiply by four what you see in the sink. On the days they use this particular stuff on me in my sleep, I wake up and immediately cough up three or four times this amount.


Sorry about the cursing.



Eldon J. Brown’s chest X-Rays as of 11-08-2013

These are my chest X-Rays from when I first began getting poisoned by the Gang Stalkers with poisonous gasses. They were taken at St. Mary’s Catholic Hospital. Two emergency room nurses there engaged in harassing behavior even though I was absolutely respectful and compliant. As most who are familiar with Gang Stalking know, medical personel are heavily recruited as stalkers. Makes a sick, perverse logic, doesn’t it?

When I first requested these X-Rays they gave me a CD that had nothing on it. When I returned to get a valid CD with my X-Ray images on it, I was given another empty CD. Before I left I had the receptionist check the CD on his computer and sure enough, it was empty too. By this time he had a very disturbed look on his face like he couldn’t believe what just happened. I imeadiatly asked for a third time that I be provided my chest X-Rays to which he responded, “I’m going to go down there and get the technician myself.” When he came back he assured me that the X-Ray tech was making the CD himself. Five minutes passed and I saw the X-Ray tech go over to the receptionists office, get on the computer and check for himself. The receptionist then called me over and assured me that my X-Rays were indeed now on the CD. This has happened before with the now closed Doctor’s Hospital, they also gave me an empty medical records CD.

Eldon's chest X Rays 11-08-20130002 Eldon's chest X Rays 11-08-20130003 Eldon's chest X Rays 11-08-20130004

I’m still enduring 24 hour poisoning

I hesitate to include Steve Quayle’s video below “The End Game 2013″ first broadcast on The Hagmann Report, but his is one of the few explanations that pretty much describes what is happening to me. Pay particular attention to the section where they talk about the control of water and a possible future “air tax”. Ever wondered how “they” could charge everyone for the very air we breath? Take a good hard look at what I’m going through and rethink the question.

An additional video specific to my hometown of Berkeley California, would be that of Leuren Moret, which I may include also.

Basically, Quayle talks about how “they” have gained almost complete control over humanity through supernatural technology (knowledge given mankind/womenkind by fallen angels). I’ve already experienced some of the stuff he talks about personally and therefore consider his thoughts worth listening to. I don’t have a problem with Quayle or The Hagmann Report per se but, a healthy dose of objectivity is prudent when delving into the occult.

“Ignorance is bliss” but “with great wisdom comes sorrow…”


What I’ve experienced so far, in being poisoned

Gang Stalker Georgie poisoning meTwo months since my last post and not much has changed. I thought that after that metal thing fell out of my nose, they may have lost some capabilities. No such luck. To recap, (did I ever fully describe?) this is what daily life has been like, so far…

I continue to be gassed, and the only reason I call whatever it is gas, is because that seems to be the most apt description based upon how it feels. In truth, I have no clue what chemical they are actually using. In addition, these substances just appear in front of my face (or inside my throat and nostrils) without any sensation of wind or moving air. Go figure.

Again, I’ve counted at least ten (10) different substances, each with their own particular physiological effects. All share one in common however, and that is they all cause moderate to extreme tinnitus (ringing in the ears) depending upon exposure levels. Some also cause headache if levels are allowed to get to high. Most, but not all, cause severe nasal congestion and runny nose, as well as a burning sensation upon the skin. Should you breath any of the gas, it will immediately cause a similar burning sensation in the nasal passages and the esophagus. The skin of the face and nostril openings are usually fissured due to the constant flushing with water and it’s drying effects.

These substances also have particular scents, but not all of them. One substance causes drying of the mucous membranes and any skin that it comes in contact with. I usually use an ear bulb with a small cup of water to irrigate my nasal passages and a small bucket filled with warm water, baking soda, dish washing soap (Dawn) and a towel to wipe my face. The baking soda neutralizes the burning sensation both on my skin topically, as well as inside my nostrils. I usually just dip my hands into the water and wipe it on my face with. I use wet fingers to swab out my nostrils. When irrigating with the ear bulb, large globs of thick, green and yellow snot will be flushed into the sink. Whatever these chemicals are, they do indeed have a distinctly chemical oder when inhaled, the smell turning biological when flushed out. I have been told by others that the oder upon flushing is very strong and offensive, that it reminded them of the smell of cancer. I also keep an ever-present liter bottle of tap water and spit bucket nearby to swish out my mouth. When at home indoors, these items are always by my side and are used as needed, usually every five minutes until bedtime.

Wow, just writing that, I don’t see how I’ve managed to do it for the past year and a half, every single waking moment. Looks like the definition of torture to me although, it really only makes me angry. If there was ever any doubt I suppose it can be put to rest now, I’m just not the quitting type. Now more than ever, I want to get my hands on whomever is responsible, but that’s another post unto itself.

Now for the good stuff, where I tell you what’s really going on.

I’m tired of beating around the bush, trying to keep everything I write digestible for those who might be new to this and not yet able to receive the actual reality that we live in. It isn’t really fair to you reading this either, as what good will watered down truth do you? So, here it is, as I see it. Take it however you wish.

Due to the way that they apply or administer these substances, I believe there has to be an actual person with you at all times. The precision with which the gassing is accomplished can’t be explained any other way. Say for instance, you go to the bathroom to flush and wash just after receiving a dose. As soon as you bend over to turn on the water, POW! You suck in a big cloud, burning both the skin of your face as well as your nostrils and esophagus. Of course you learn not to inhale when approaching the sink, but you feel the meticulously placed gas cloud contact and burn your skin nonetheless.

No, there are no hidden nozzles. No, there are no household products stored in the room that are leaking and no, it doesn’t just happen indoors, you run into gas clouds outside too. What I’m trying to tell you is that the invisible gas clouds are appearing right out of thin air.This leads me to my next hypothesis.

I believe that there actually is someone with you at all times who are invisible but nonetheless there. Inter-dimensional, in other words. It’s the only way I can explain it. Something very tangible is appearing out of nothing and making you ill yet, you see no one nor any visible thing. I am a Christian as well as a lover of Sci-Fi so such an assertion is easy for me to make. I am also part Native American and have many family members who have had experiences that cannot be explained by conventional wisdom or knowledge. Reality is bigger than what the five senses can quantify. I call it “Spiritual Technology” for lack of a better term, but basically I mean to infer that a technology is being employed which transcends the conventional altogether. I’m not saying that spells or magic is being used however, it has been said that were a person introduced to a technology that was so advanced it defied their comprehension, it may as well be magic. I also know too that we are entering the final iteration of mankind in this age, as every knowledgeable person says that we are in the “End Times”. Many non-Christian prophecies including the Mayan say that we are in the last days, but I digress. In short, my little tale of woe may soon be considered passe compared to the supernatural events that begin to manifest.

Another thing that makes me think there is an actual person or Nephilim hybrid shadowing my every move from their inter-dimensional hiding place, is that I can hear them talking, commenting on my actions, thoughts and reactions to what they are doing. Now before you start to say “Man, this guy is super bat shit crazy”, just go onto the internet and see for yourself, look up “Targeted Individual voices” or “voice to skull technology” although, I don’t think the latter is being used here. It’s as though someone were standing right next to me from some hidden but clear vantage point and commenting not only on my actions, but on what I am thinking as well. UFO abductees report that during their abductions, they can communicate with their abductors telepathically. This is also the method of communication used by the Angels, either through dreams (which some say is another dimension itself), or while fully conscious. It would figure then, that if most abductees and quiet a number of other researchers think that aliens are in fact Fallen Angels, then they would use telepathy also. I’ve also heard that because everyone comes from one single, all powerful spirit (which would be God), that once the spiritual connection is made, it is an inescapable two way street. You can hear them almost as clearly as they can hear you, perhaps even more so.

From the time that I wake up until the time that I try to go to sleep, the gassing continues. They often wait until I’m just dozing off to give me one concentrated jolt of gas to wake me back up (sleep deprivation). I’ve read that they are able to monitor all of your bodily functions and brain activity, being able to tell when you are entering REM sleep a trivial thing. I have a CPAP machine that I use at night but they just play with that, or with me I should say.

One type of gas or substance is used for two days and then switched to something else. Ventilating with a fan or fans is minimally effective at securing uncontaminated air since they place it both inside the nostrils and mouth, even while you wear a respirator with your mouth closed. The only relief seems to come from being in locations that you’ve never been to before. This seems to give them trouble. You might think that traveling in a car would ensure your safety however, I get gassed even on the freeway. Thank God this has never caused me to lose control of the vehicle, opening all the windows helps.

Weird how it doesn’t frighten nor depress me in the least, the only emotion I ever feel is anger and or outrage, coupled with a determination to expose these perpetrators and bring them to some form of justice. I also pray for them occasionally too. Even those feelings are muted, my hard and unfortunate life must have made me tougher than either I, or the stalkers thought. I temper myself by imagining how ridiculous and disgraced they will look, standing before the Trinity of Almighty God and everyone who ever lived, on Judgement day. Most Christians don’t understand just how fair God is, that the absolutely fairest thing to do to the unsaved on that day will be to enable them to experience everything that they have ever done to others, both the good and the bad. As God is all powerful, it will be an immersive experience in every way, encompassing the emotions, physical sensations and thoughts of the other person. In effect, for the purposes of the proceeding, you will practically become the person that you acted upon. That is fair, isn’t it? Christians escape the horrific elements of this judgement as Christ has already paid for their misdeeds. We will only receive reward for our good deeds, none of our bad. This also, is absolutely fair because we accepted Christ’s gift of surrogacy (salvation).

I don’t get gassed very often while eating, I suspect because they don’t want to leave any tangible evidence behind like tainted food. Since triaging a poisoned person entails examining the food that they ate, it’s understandable why these creeps would avoid making such a critical mistake. They value being covert above all, much like the Devil.

So, I’ve concluded that the methods employed to accomplish this poisoning are inter-dimensional in nature, possibly converting matter into energy and back again (teleportation). The surveillance of you is comprehensive, encompassing bio functions, brain functions, audio and visual capture with possible predictive capabilities (being able to see actions and conditions that have yet to transpire – time travel). Kind of sounds wild until you read the Bible and find that it has all happened before, in antiquity. Oh, and by the way, UFO’s are in the Bible too, book of Daniel.

Nothing new under the Sun…





Something fell out of my nose

Covert Harassment logo H175XW660I was flushing my nose as usual Thursday night (06-25-15), when it started bleeding heavily. I continued to flush and the blood increased in volume until there was nothing but a bright red stream coming out of my nostril. Then, I gave one more big squirt with the ear bulb and WHOOSH! A frighteningly large volume of blood gushed out, but that was not all…

I heard a “tink” hit the bottom of the metal sink, you know, like when you drop your ring in or something. The sound was very distinct and rather loud, it definitely was metallic in nature. I don’t have any nose piercings nor body mods of any kind so this was extremely weird. I looked and looked at the spot where the sound had emanated from but no dice, it was already gone. If there had been any chance of seeing what had fallen I’m sure I would have spotted it, but there was just too much blood. I quickly entertained the thought of taking out the trap but you know how mothers are, she didn’t want her precious sink disassembled. Evidence of the century but we must have our priorities now mustn’t we… Moms, Gotta luv em.

Anyway, the targeted gassing has now stopped, they no longer know exactly where I am. The area gassing continues however. I believe that they must have some sort of real time monitoring of the target capability. The upside is that they can no longer zero in on my nostrils specifically. I guess they’ll be going back to the drudgery of old school surveillance again. D’oh!

As to the origins of the implant that fell out, I can only guess. Some people say that they have the ability to grow back. Bummer. We’ll see.

Now, I know a lot more about how they were doing what they were doing to me. Somehow, I got chipped. Like a pet or a cell phone with the GPS turned on 24/7. Not anymore.

Them: “You’ll never escape us…”

Me: Escape you? Whatever gave you that idea? I’m too busy laughing at you. 🙂

Please, give Satan “the bird” for me when you get there, I’d do it myself but I’ll be somewhere far, far away…