Poisoned through the use of advanced technology in the hands of Gang Stalkers

The late murdered actress Mrs. Brittany Murphy is featured in my header graphic because both her and her husband Simon Monjack died from this very same type of poisoning attack, by Gang Stalkers.

Actress Brittany Murphy murdered five years ago today by DHS poisoning

There is no better general description of what is enabling the poison gas attacks that I have been experiencing, than these two interviews. The only other source that has described anything similar to the torture that I am being subjected to is the below video interview of Ms. Lauren Moret. Ms. Moret is an internationally recognized Geo-scientist and specialist on the environmental and biological effects of ionizing radiation. She lives in my hometown of Berkeley, California and is both a Targeted Individual, as well as a learned authority in the study of Gang Stalking.

As it stands for the moment, I am being hit with various poisonous gasses that make me sick, everywhere I go. From room to room, in the car and on the street outside as well. It is if as though my tormentors can see me wherever I am and physically affect me at will. There is no place safe from it. Horrible as this may sound, not only does the gas seem to be strategically placed in the air around me, it also at times seems to be emanating from within me. As if that were not bad enough, it appears to coordinate with my very thoughts, so as to punish my very ruminations themselves. I’ve experienced this most personal of intrusions before in San Francisco with coordinated noise campaigns by my Gang Stalking neighbors. Don’t believe that to be possible? Take a look at the post below.

If you were to seriously consider what Dr. James Canton said in the first video about teleportation of matter being a reality today in the here and now (already a published fact for teleportation of information), my assertions become far more plausible. It kind of reminds me of that SciFi film made by Denzel Washington coincidentally entitled Deja Vu also. The surveillance employed in that fictional movie seems uncomfortably familiar.

As someone I used to trust always said;

“We are living on a floating ball of rock in deep space, we are living in a science fiction movie!”

Green sputum that I expectorated today. It was clear in color at first, almost like the first picture, but after two hours it turned green. I was also spitting out green snot in addition to producing green bowel movements. This is the result from a particularly acidic type of gas that they use which burns the nostrils, eyes, esophagus, stomach and blisters the tongue. I do not swallow the mucus as it burns the stomach. It also causes severe tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and nasal congestion. I therefore expend a copious amount of time clearing my nasal passages and mouth with a water/baking soda mixture. It is not an infection nor anything I either ate, nor drank. Yet, despite all of this, I wouldn’t trade places with the Gang Stalkers for all the money in the world. I’m standing firm against the Devil all the way to the end.

Giftgas-Zyklon B label footer

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