How I flush Gang Stalker poison gas out of my nose and mouth

Me in mask greenFirst of all, don’t ask me how this is being done because I have no idea. The only thing I know are the symptoms that the gassing produces and my methods to partially alleviate them. Hopefully in the future however, (whatever future I may have) this will change and answers will be forthcoming. Doubtful? Think Tuskegee Airmen.

  • The problem: various toxic gasses being blown in my nose & mouth from origins unknown

  • The solution: flushing of nose with water and baking soda solution, flushing of mouth, blowing of nose, ventilating affected area, removing self from affected area, 800 mg Ibuprofen to reduce swelling of nasal passages and joint ache, surgical mask or respirator when effective, tablespoon of turmeric for general inflammation and immune system, Vornado fan, picket sign used as a large handheld fan

It doesn’t matter which way I turn my head, the gas seems to be blown directly into my nostrils and mouth. The symptoms vary depending upon what type of gas is being used to poison me, I’ve counted ten different toxic gasses so far. When I inhale these gasses through the nose I can actually hear my nasal passages react with a crackling sound. When inhaled through the mouth some gasses burn and blister the tongue while others coat the inside of the mouth with a sensation of dirt. Some gasses make you sick and feel like you have the flu, others seem to be acidic in nature and burn the mucous membranes, esophagus, upper stomach and eyes. All have the effect of eliminating your sense of smell and therefore, taste of food. I have not been able to taste anything since the gassing became non-stop about one month ago. I do not know whether I will ever be able to taste anything ever again. Sleep deprivation is now the norm. You loath going to sleep because you become absolutely vulnerable to exposure when unconscious and yes, they dose you heavily in your sleep. You do not have a choice of not breathing.

Periodically, I can faintly hear disembodied voice commenting about my reactions. Sometimes the voices are male, sometime female. They usually vary between three people, two male and one female. Sometime they sound very clinical in disposition and at other times mocking and hostile. It probably doesn’t help that I flip the bird to my unseen tormentors on a daily basis. Aside from Targeted Individuals all over the world reporting this phenomenon too, doesn’t this sound like experimenters discussing and taking notes?

Another interesting effect of one of the gasses that consists of a high pH (acidic) is that it turns your mucous a bright green over time. While flushing my mouth and nose with a baking soda solution, I noticed that the runoff I had caught in a plastic cup began to turn green within two hours. The baking soda and water solution alleviated the burning sensation when used as a flush and soothed my esophagus and stomach when swallowed. What would make your spit (mixed with baking soda solution mind you) be perfectly clear when expectorated and then turn a bright green two hours later? Nothing natural, that much is certain.

Finally, the last and probably most troubling symptom of this poison gassing is that my intestines have seemed to slow in function. It feels like I am perpetually bloated but unable to burp. I am accomplishing bowel movements with laxatives such as prune juice and coffee (Cadillacs). This is troubling because my mom just had a laparotomy for an adhesion about two years ago. Could her bowel obstruction have been caused by this same poison? She is being Gang Stalked right along with me and “Gas Lighted” (illegal entry into home eg. burglary) heavily.

I figured out quite some time ago that whomever is conducting this experiment really tries very hard to mislead the subject as to their true capabilities. They will try to make you think that the gas is coming from some sort of device or person however, that is not the case. They will allow you to find areas that seem to be safe only to violate them shortly thereafter. To strip you of them, if you will. Beyond the sadistic connotations implied, I really think that the goal is to deliver you to an ultimate state of despair. Allow you to believe you’ve found a solution only to snatch the rug out from under you later on. In short, they seem to want to break your will. Perhaps that is why many TI’s finally do give up and kill themselves.

Don’t ever think for an instant that I would kill myself, it just ain’t gonna happen. Strangely, I believe they already understand that about me. I think they will attempt to dispose of me in some sort of discrediting frame up or the like. They can’t kill you until they have discredited you. Correction, they can but at the risk of validating all of your assertions of being Gang Stalked. Brittany Murphy is a good example of this type of martyrdom, her ghost is now haunting them through me as well as others.

Almost forgot, severe tinnitus immediately follows the gassing and lasts for hours. Something really weird, certain gasses seem to come with tiny gnats that get into your ears, nostrils and hair. I am unsure whether other people can smell the gasses too, as area gassing is used at times. I can smell the chemical after blowing my nose, but that is all I am able to smell. I use the picket sign you see in the gallery as a large fan to quickly clear the air of gas when they are doing area gassing. I hold it parallel to the floor under my arm and brace the handle with my body, I then use large sweeping motions to ventilate. Using the Vornado electric fan is not very effective because they just release the gas in back of the fan, spreading it. They have a harder time dealing with the large picket sign fan since I can randomly vary it’s location simply by moving. Horrible, is it not?

Stay tuned for further developments. I hate to make observations easy for the Gang Stalkers by writing about my own however, I think it a greater need to publicise what is happening for the benifit of other TI’s as well as to awaken the general public. If technology exists that allows bad actors to commit these crimes then we are all in very grave danger. No wonder the police are no longer trying to protect and serve, what’s the point when criminals are this advanced? Not an excuse, just trying to understand their abdication.

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