TESTING – CT Imaging the Sinuses (Sinus CT Scan)

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allstaractivist note: These are Sinus CT scans of my head that were ordered by my ENT. I came into his office presenting novel symptoms after having had him perform Sinus Surgery with Balloon Sinuplasty in October of 2014. My novel symptoms of nasal swelling and green expectorate caused him to laugh and exclaim that in thirty years of practice he had never seen this before. Of course I had explained to him earlier before the surgury that my symptoms were due to Gang Stalker poisoning (government experimentation and torture) however, I’m not sure he believed me. Now, all other explanations have been eliminated. So, he is going through a process of elimination (standard diagnostics) to find the cause, I trust him. Miraculously, as soon as I started to see him again the poisoning dramatically curtailed however, I have enough evidence for proof now.

The day of the CT scan the Gang Stalkers backed off so that my sinus cavities would not be swollen however, they have other poisons and weapons (military grade DEW weapons) that make you just as sick without so many observable symptoms. They have had time to develop these due to covert and nonconsensual experimentation on the public and soldiers, like me.

From this point on I am publishing all of my medical records as they are received. I do this to both establish a baseline (although I’m already sick) as well as show other TI’s methods for exposing government/police sanctioned Gang Stalking criminals. A trail of bread crumbs should I meet an untimely demise. Below are my Sinus CT films and an instructional guide on how to read them. Enjoy!



TESTING – CT Imaging the Sinuses (Sinus CT Scan)

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