Something fell out of my nose

Covert Harassment logo H175XW660I was flushing my nose as usual Thursday night (06-25-15), when it started bleeding heavily. I continued to flush and the blood increased in volume until there was nothing but a bright red stream coming out of my nostril. Then, I gave one more big squirt with the ear bulb and WHOOSH! A frighteningly large volume of blood gushed out, but that was not all…

I heard a “tink” hit the bottom of the metal sink, you know, like when you drop your ring in or something. The sound was very distinct and rather loud, it definitely was metallic in nature. I don’t have any nose piercings nor body mods of any kind so this was extremely weird. I looked and looked at the spot where the sound had emanated from but no dice, it was already gone. If there had been any chance of seeing what had fallen I’m sure I would have spotted it, but there was just too much blood. I quickly entertained the thought of taking out the trap but you know how mothers are, she didn’t want her precious sink disassembled. Evidence of the century but we must have our priorities now mustn’t we… Moms, Gotta luv em.

Anyway, the targeted gassing has now stopped, they no longer know exactly where I am. The area gassing continues however. I believe that they must have some sort of real time monitoring of the target capability. The upside is that they can no longer zero in on my nostrils specifically. I guess they’ll be going back to the drudgery of old school surveillance again. D’oh!

As to the origins of the implant that fell out, I can only guess. Some people say that they have the ability to grow back. Bummer. We’ll see.

Now, I know a lot more about how they were doing what they were doing to me. Somehow, I got chipped. Like a pet or a cell phone with the GPS turned on 24/7. Not anymore.

Them: “You’ll never escape us…”

Me: Escape you? Whatever gave you that idea? I’m too busy laughing at you. šŸ™‚

Please, give Satan “the bird” for me when you get there, I’d do it myself but I’ll be somewhere far, far away…





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