I’m still enduring 24 hour poisoning

I hesitate to include Steve Quayle’s video below “The End Game 2013″ first broadcast on The Hagmann Report, but his is one of the few explanations that pretty much describes what is happening to me. Pay particular attention to the section where they talk about the control of water and a possible future “air tax”. Ever wondered how “they” could charge everyone for the very air we breath? Take a good hard look at what I’m going through and rethink the question.

An additional video specific to my hometown of Berkeley California, would be that of Leuren Moret, which I may include also.

Basically, Quayle talks about how “they” have gained almost complete control over humanity through supernatural technology (knowledge given mankind/womenkind by fallen angels). I’ve already experienced some of the stuff he talks about personally and therefore consider his thoughts worth listening to. I don’t have a problem with Quayle or The Hagmann Report per se but, a healthy dose of objectivity is prudent when delving into the occult.

“Ignorance is bliss” but “with great wisdom comes sorrow…”


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