Eldon J. Brown’s chest X-Rays as of 11-08-2013

These are my chest X-Rays from when I first began getting poisoned by the Gang Stalkers with poisonous gasses. They were taken at St. Mary’s Catholic Hospital. Two emergency room nurses there engaged in harassing behavior even though I was absolutely respectful and compliant. As most who are familiar with Gang Stalking know, medical personel are heavily recruited as stalkers. Makes a sick, perverse logic, doesn’t it?

When I first requested these X-Rays they gave me a CD that had nothing on it. When I returned to get a valid CD with my X-Ray images on it, I was given another empty CD. Before I left I had the receptionist check the CD on his computer and sure enough, it was empty too. By this time he had a very disturbed look on his face like he couldn’t believe what just happened. I imeadiatly asked for a third time that I be provided my chest X-Rays to which he responded, “I’m going to go down there and get the technician myself.” When he came back he assured me that the X-Ray tech was making the CD himself. Five minutes passed and I saw the X-Ray tech go over to the receptionists office, get on the computer and check for himself. The receptionist then called me over and assured me that my X-Rays were indeed now on the CD. This has happened before with the now closed Doctor’s Hospital, they also gave me an empty medical records CD.

Eldon's chest X Rays 11-08-20130002 Eldon's chest X Rays 11-08-20130003 Eldon's chest X Rays 11-08-20130004


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