Eldon J. Brown’s chest X-Rays as of 11-08-2013

These are my chest X-Rays from when I first began getting poisoned by the Gang Stalkers with poisonous gasses. They were taken at St. Mary’s Catholic Hospital. Two emergency room nurses there engaged in harassing behavior even though I was absolutely respectful and compliant. As most who are familiar with Gang Stalking know, medical personel are heavily recruited as stalkers. Makes a sick, perverse logic, doesn’t it?

When I first requested these X-Rays they gave me a CD that had nothing on it. When I returned to get a valid CD with my X-Ray images on it, I was given another empty CD. Before I left I had the receptionist check the CD on his computer and sure enough, it was empty too. By this time he had a very disturbed look on his face like he couldn’t believe what just happened. I imeadiatly asked for a third time that I be provided my chest X-Rays to which he responded, “I’m going to go down there and get the technician myself.” When he came back he assured me that the X-Ray tech was making the CD himself. Five minutes passed and I saw the X-Ray tech go over to the receptionists office, get on the computer and check for himself. The receptionist then called me over and assured me that my X-Rays were indeed now on the CD. This has happened before with the now closed Doctor’s Hospital, they also gave me an empty medical records CD.

Eldon's chest X Rays 11-08-20130002 Eldon's chest X Rays 11-08-20130003 Eldon's chest X Rays 11-08-20130004

3 thoughts on “Eldon J. Brown’s chest X-Rays as of 11-08-2013

  1. I see a lion. I see a human face. You don’t find shapes like that in a normal X-ray. You could look through 20,000 X-ray images and you won’t find the face of a lion or human faces. Zoom in. Why are you guys doing this to innocent people? You make fake websites… You try so hard to convince society that they’re crazy. Innocent people are being pushed to suicide. People that love life. People that didn’t do anything. Pre-med students that are loving and compassionate that haven’t done anything wrong in their life are being pushed to suicide by you guys. Look at the effort you go through to convince people that they’re crazy. You give people the power to murder with this technology and they abuse it. They want the same girl and they use the technology like a gun to kill for that girl. But we only have one life guys. That’s it. 80% percent of the world lives below the poverty line. Look at the world we live in and compare it to the past 400 million years. We have technology. And you want to take it away from pre-med students. You want mass shootings and terror. You want people to commit suicide. But we might never get to live another live so good…. ever.

    85% chance of being born a bacteria.
    7% chance of being born as a plant.
    6% chance of being born as an insect.
    1.99999% chance of being born as any animal.
    0.00001% chance of being born a human.

    So we have a 0.00001% chance of being born a human again and it’s 80% likely that we’ll live below the poverty line if we are. Please just let people live their life. You’re letting people abuse their power and they’re killing people with extraordinary lives. And when people that live extraordinary lives end up implanted, they’re pushed to suicide and made out to be crazy by society and doctors because of websites like this. They can’t get help and must accept death. But what if it were your extraordinary life? And what if you never got another life like it? Please see how much life means to people. Their health and sanity. It hurts to die. It’s the worst feeling in the world. It’s terrifying. To let go of the people you love because you suffer every day is the saddest and scariest thing in the world. It doesn’t have to be like that. We need to end this war and realize this technology is being abused. People are dying… worthy people of living. Free of suffering. Please just stop guys. Please.


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