Phlegm that I cough up some mornings

Me in mask green

allstaractivist note: I don’t mean to gross anybody out with these pictures (even one of my doctors crinkled up his nose) but if I don’t show them, how will you know? I haven’t been photo documenting the symptoms that my poisoning is producing because I just don’t want to spend all my time preoccupied with my health. Of course, I would like to be healthy, but this is out of my control and I’m simply not going to let it stop me nor even slow me down if I can help it. Another reason I’m not documenting like I should is that I don’t want to scare people so much that they refuse to fight back or just give up. I’t is kinda obvious that the poisoning is another form of terrorism / torture and I’m not going to aid the shitheads in pumping fear. Really, there is nothing to fear but God and not living up to His expectations, the petty creeps responsible for this will soon be gone forever and are nothing to be feared at all. In the end, we are all mortal so why bother spending precious days above ground worrying about the inevitable? Do all you can, while you can I say, cause ain’t nobody getting out of this alive anyway.

Fuck you Gang Stalkers and your poisoning, just wait till Judgement Day come when you will have to live what you’ve done to others. Stupid chumps for Satan….

By the way, multiply by four what you see in the sink. On the days they use this particular stuff on me in my sleep, I wake up and immediately cough up three or four times this amount.


Sorry about the cursing.



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