My condition remains the same

Not much really to say that’s different from the last time I posted. I continue to be hit non-stop in the face and hands with chemical irritants of various sorts, day and night and sometimes even in my sleep causing me to wake up. Sleep is very hard to come by without pharmaceutical aid.

There is not much I can do about breathing the stuff in, I do have to breath after all. I can however, wash the chemicals off of my skin using a large natural sponge that I carry around in a  round Coleman hot beverage thermos filled with either hot or cold water.  It leaks if tipped over but can be carried with me everywhere I go which is usually necessary. If I don’t wash the irritants off their toxic effects become cumulative. When I do wash them off however, I am dosed again at the most inconvenient moment, like when I’ve put my glasses back on and dried off etc., requiring me to immediately do it all over again.There has to be some bio-monitoring technology that alerts the perpetrator as to my dosage level and the chemicals are re-applied accordingly.  It is hard for me not to imagine that this dosage maintenance is accomplished by some sort of remotely located machine or AI but not always, sometimes it is done manually as I can “hear” human speech commenting.

I am not speaking to the un-initiated here, if this is your first time reading anything like this then it must undoubtedly sound crazy. This is, for the most part, common knowledge however, to almost all Targeted Individuals and Gang Stalkers alike. The recent acknowledgement by the Pentagon of UFO existance complete with fighter jet video of one in “flight”, makes me very hopeful that other formerly “woo woo” revelations like what I am experiencing are soon to follow. The Bible does say that everything done in the dark will one day be revealed and it would appear that we are entering that period of time, accountability and prosecutions soon to follow.

Because I am not able to breath normally, I am also unable to exercise anymore causing, my weight to balloon. I am also sleep deprived as well. I know that they can hit me with doses that will totally incapacitate me and in all likelyhood kill me, but I will never capitulate nor surrender to their will. Kill me if you must, but you assholes can go fuck yourselves. I didn’t give in when you first attacked me nor when you murdered my mother, I have a job to do and I’m going to either complete it or perish in the attempt. I have zero respect for these Satanic shithead criminals.

Sorry about the profanity but there are just some things I think and feel that cannot be adequately communicated any other way. Look at what I do, not what I say…

When telling others about what I’m going through I am invariably confronted with the challenge to produce some sort of tangible proof that this is actually real and not just all in my head. I believe I now have a way to do that although I am sure that it won’t make much difference to people even if I scientifically proved it to them. Just listen to the global uproar regarding the Pentagon’s UFO proof and admission. Crickets. I’m now afraid that we have so successfully been conditioned to being apathetic no matter how sensational the event, no amount of proof will be able to overcome people’s mental inertia.

What a shame.




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