Hard to keep a good Brown down

So weird to be where I am today, eyes wide open, seeing more and more, everyday. So strange to have this “new” reality pushed upon me, or rather me being thrust into it. Looking back on the life I once knew seems so far away, like a whole other person altogether. Nostalgic.

I’m still here, still being poisoned by gases around the clock and still very optimistic about the future. As I’ve stated previously in other posts, I believe life to be a fantastic journey and I’m chomping at the bit to exploit every breath I take to the fullest, even if that breath be toxic. Have I said it once? Maybe even twice? Just to be sure let me say it one more time, FUCK YOU GANG STALKERS. Merde!  I simply must learn to curb my roguish tongue…

Would not trade places with anybody, truly feel I occupy privileged space and that I am in excellent company. Seriously, I would not go back if I could, so much too see here, so much to do and learn. Count it all joy. I truly feel sorry for all the cowards of the world, dying a thousand deaths while never venturing out far enough to glimpse the truth. The truth that reality is mostly an illusion. An illusion, a panacea, a con-program and an opiate meant to keep you pacified yet productive, much like a farm animal. An actual Orwellian “Animal Farm” complete with a “Handicapper General” ala Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron”. I’m happy with it after all but  would be far happier if more awoke from the dream. Recent events are rather encouraging, if nothing more than a “feel good”. Still, something transformative may present.

No, holding true to my newfound sight I did not vote, abstaining from the entire sordid process. It isn’t that I didn’t care, I quietly rooted for Donald Trump even though I could not in good conscience bring myself to participate. I’m done casting ballots for either one side of the “Deep State” or the other. It just ain’t that simple people. Tired of the puppet show, I’ve seen behind the curtain. Pillory me if you must but someone has to make a stand for integrity. That said, I really hope Trump turns our country around.

Anyway, a couple of days ago (three maybe), I took the test for and passed my Motorcycle Learners Permit at the California DMV. Yeaaaaa! I’ve only ridden a motorcycle once in my life but am determined to cross this item off of my “bucket list”. Now all I have to do is pass the driving portion (riding test) and I can add the “M1” endorsement to my Commercial Drivers License. I will then be able to operate anything with wheels on public streets legally except passenger buses and dump trucks pulling dirt. I am so excited. Next I’m going for my private pilot license with helicopter rating, hopefully in less than 250 hours. Gonna have to get a bike now, huh?

No, being attacked doesn’t have to stop nor diminish you in any way, I’m proof positive. Still here, accident free and law abiding. Still healthy too, despite others best efforts to harm. It’s simple really, live for things that are more than yourself refusing to surrender nor quit, you will make it. Let no one control you but you and don’t ever let anyone steal your joy.

Remember, life is a fantastic journey, not a destination. Own the day…