I’m still here and I’m still being poisoned

Gang Stalker Georgie poisoning meI’m so sorry that I have not been posting regularly to this blog, it has taken me this long to figure things out. I continue to be poisoned with methods unknown to me.

To address any issues related to my sanity, all I offer in rebuttal is this;

  • Do I seem crazy to you? Do I have objective reasoning and cognitive abilities? Read my blogs and decide for yourself.
  • Do your own research, I’m not the only person talking about such things;
  • Read my main blog, I’ve featured many established and credible professionals with links;
  • Finally, the Holy Bible speaks of such things having happened in the past, mainstream science is beginning to verify them as factual.

I am learning about the stalker’s methods, apparent goals in attempting to shape my behavior and the effects of the different chemical agents used. Some of what I have read about other targeted individuals experiences is helpful however, I don’t believe there is yet a complete treatise publicly available. Hopefully that will change soon. I’m going to tell you what I know so far but hold onto yourself, the implications are rather frightening.

Let me first remind you of a recent case of this type of poisoning so that we have a credible foundation going forward.

Actress Brittany Murphy decided to help a friend by testifying as a witness in a federal case against the government. Anyway, after deciding to help her friend she began to experience a sudden onset of illness. At first she thought it was due to her house being contaminated with mold but from what I’ve read about her complaints to friends, her conclusions changed. Long story short, her condition worsened and she died suddenly. Her father believed that she had been poisoned and had her collected tissue samples examined by an independent lab. The lab reported finding ten heavy metals that strongly indicated rat poison, administered slowly over time. The method of delivery was not determined.

Brittany’s friend, former Homeland Security Officer Mrs. Julia Davis, tells Brittany and her husband’s story to Red Ice radio in the fourth video below at time stamp 20:50.

My poisoning began the day that the statute of limitations expired for suing my landlord Tenderloin Housing Clinic. It’s funny how both cases of poisoning seemed to revolve around lawsuits, or in my case the refusal to engage in one. Both examples really highlight the legal/political nature of these types of “attacks”.

As for those frightening implications, how does teleportation of matter in the hands of bad guys sound? What I am experiencing fits that description perfectly. I mean, how else can you explain toxic sickening agents just materializing out of thin air, right in front of your face? Even more frightening, these “gasses” are administered inside of (through) protective equipment (face masks) and sometimes from within the body itself. Perhaps this is why the Gang Stalkers are able to recruit so many people? Most people would do anything to keep from becoming the victims of something like that. I consider such people to be weak, cowardly and morally void, taking the easy way out. They probably think of themselves as “smart” or clever. We’ll see how quickly that self image crumbles on Judgement Day…

The gasses come in two modes, targeted and area gassing. Targeted gassing usually results in noxious stuff being shot up your nose however, there is no sensation of moving air. I have even felt the effects of the gasses on my tongue when my mouth was closed. The second type of delivery method is to simply have you walk into a cloud of gas. This method of gassing is especially effective at poisoning you in confined spaces, like long corridors, doorways, driving, sitting in front of a computer and even while sitting on the toilet.

For the most part, it is almost impossible to escape these gasses. They have the ability to hit you almost anywhere, from in your car, home and even outdoors. I have noticed however, that they have trouble in overcast weather and during electrical power outages with the later being more so.

There seems to be a different gas for every day of the week. Some burn the skin while others make you feel ill. All cause extreme tinnitus. Some leave a dusty taste in your mouth, others have acidic qualities. All have distinct odors. I believe the agents are rotated frequently to defeat sample collection (air, bodily fluids etc.). Laboratory analysis is cost prohibitive, especially when you cannot tell the lab what you are looking for. I’ve had estimates for lab work range from $100 (blood work, a waste of time) to $5000.00 and up. The suggestion that I was given was to befriend someone at an academic lab however, most students are clamoring for their own lab time. Medical insurance usually doesn’t pay for toxicologists outside of ordinary drug testing and finding one that specializes in forensics is difficult. Toxicology remains a field that largely caters to industry and government, very few solicit to the general public.

Don’t give up hope though, I am confident that I will find someone out there who is unafraid and that can see the opportunity for scientific discovery. Were a scientist be able to contribute to an eventual collaborative effort and publish, fame and standing would be assured. The obstacle is that no one has ever scientifically documented such phenomenon before and that the Gang Stalkers would probably attack all involved. Fear for both one’s professional credibility and physical safety become factors. The scientific community remains a very intolerant testing ground for novel ideas, usually their first reaction is to attempt to discredit them (scientific scrutiny). I have entertained thoughts of finding someone who specializes in targeted individuals however, sorting out the “Black Hats” from the “White Hats” can be challenging.

The timing of the gaseous assaults varies depending upon what activity you are engaging in as well as the Gang Stalkers dislike of it. For example, if you planned to do some public speaking, you will be heavily gassed before and during your speech. If you are attempting to file a complaint against some government agency, you will be sickened at the most critical points in the process. You are gassed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, four weeks every month and twelve months year round. There are no exceptions however, there do appear to be lapses.

These lapses are periods of light to no gassing that regularly coincide with specific times of the day. They are as follows;

  • 5:00 am – 6:00 am
  • 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm
  • 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Look vaguely familiar? You see it too, don’t you? Shift changes. Those time schedules look like shift changes. Not only do they look like shift changes, they appear to coincide with California PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). The western states and Mexico below in green also follow PDT/UTC-7;

UTC-7_2015-06-19_162037Conversely, heavy gassing proceeds immediately before the end of each “shift”. I believe that this short burst of heavy poisonous gassing is meant to compensate for the lag time between changing shifts. When one “shift” ends, there is a lag time before a new shift worker gets settles in. To compensate for this and to maintain the desired level of illness, the shift ending delivers one final big dose to the target before ending their workday. Nice huh? I wonder what Edward Snowden would have to add to my deduced scenario? Would it sound to him like a military operation or private contractors? Perhaps a collusion between the two?

Some gassing does occur while sleeping and is sometimes used to disrupt sleep (sleep deprivation). Just as you are beginning to doze off, POW! A big dose of nasty smelling gas is blasted in your face. Not enough to really make you sick but enough to make you scared to close your eyes. This can go on all night long until the Sun comes up. In this way you can be made to have an “accident” the following day and injure either yourself or someone else. It is also prone to inducing heart attack. As was explained to me by a sleep doctor, being jarred awake suddenly like that while dozing off produces a “fight or flight” response. Your body floods with adrenaline, your heart races and ventricular fibrillation ensues. Like trying to drive a car one hundred miles an hour right after starting, on a cold winter’s day. Something’s gonna blow. The gassing that occurs during sleep usually produces congestion, esophageal bleeding (coughing up coagulated blood), body ache, and nausea.


Upon waking, you have to immediately go to the sink and flush with water copiously. You flush your nose first, resulting in huge gobs of greenish snot plopping into the sink. You wash your face while desperately trying not to breath in the water activated chemical vapors wafting up. You flush your mouth and gargle, trying to get the nasty chemical taste out, and then you cough and expectorate over and over again. Snot, spittle and congestion flow into the sink, you keep the water running to wash it away but it sticks to the side. Just when you think you’ve gotten all the crap out of you, BAM! They blast you again. Back to the sink for another round of spitting and flushing except that now you are vigorously fanning the gasses away with whatever you can find. Maybe you get clever and drag an electric fan into the bathroom with you, to try to keep the air moving. Now at last, you are finished and fatigued. You walk out of the bathroom into the hall and BAM!, run smack dab into another cloud of toxic gas. Back to the sink again. You learn to either shield your face coming out of the bathroom or to vigorously fan in front of yourself while walking. Sometimes, darting quickly out of the room effectively thwarts the gas booby trap too. After all of that, you can now fix a morning cup of coffee and sit down, but not for long. Soon, you will be heading back to the bathroom again.

Throughout the day the gassing continues, both indoors and out. I’ve learned to keep a liter bottle of water with me as well as an ear bulb and small yoghurt cup. When the gassing gets really bad or I’ve reached my tolerance level, I pour water into the yoghurt cup, fill the ear bulb with it and flush my nostrils. The ear bulb is much more effective than a nasal flush bottle because it can be inserted farther up into the nasal canal to reach the sinuses. When inserted this far, the nasal passage is sealed against the bulb base and a high degree of flushing pressure can be generated, literally blowing the snot out the other nostril. The insidious method of gassing the nostrils ensures that the toxic agents cause your membranes to produce large amounts of snot, leading to congestion. The nature of the toxic agents in the gas is that they adhere to the snot and nasal membranes. This effectively turns them into a time released toxin that is incrementally administered with every breath you take. This is the reason that you are heavily gassed immediately after flushing everything out, the toxic agents have to be replenished. Tissues are used by the dozens, spit jars are emptied multiple times a day, surgical masks are used in volume, both handheld and electric fans are employed to move the air constantly. All these things give only limited relief.

Getting back to those frightening implications again, the above described poisoning methodology suggests that there is some sort of real time monitoring of you going on, they can see exactly what you are doing. How else to explain such precise timing and dosage? Privacy has been dead a long, long time.

Finally, they will gas you in social settings in hopes that you mistakenly blame those nearby and wrongly accuse or attack them. In the beginning, they were synchronizing my gas attacks with the passing by of individual stalkers who would smile at me knowingly. I suppose the hope was that I would attack them as the actual perpetrators. Oh, they were most likely guilty of aiding the attack by offering themselves up as targets however, they were not alone. They are never alone. In every Gang Stalker harassment or assault operation, it is a team that will be engaging you, much like a squad. Just think of an undercover police operation. There are often black and white patrol cars nearby to lend support and make an arrest should the plan succeed. Provoke, observe, arrest, murder, get paid and celebrate. Sometimes even trophies are awarded complete with promotions.

Some people believe these attacks to be accomplished through the use of satellites but I’m not wholly convinced. I’m sure that satellite technology is employed to some extent, we only need to look to the battlefield for examples, but I think some other technology not publicly known is used in conjunction. From what I’ve experienced, conventional technologies could not accomplish what has been done to me. I’ve actually been physically pushed around by things unseen. You can read more about that type of stuff here.

I am not sure what total physical effect all of this is having on me long term. My lungs ache quite frequently as does my body. I have periodic nosebleeds of varying severity. Sleep deprivation plagues me and my girth is increasing due to lack of exercise. The ever present tinnitus (ringing in ears) is indicative of neural damage. I don’t know how much longer I may have and therefore live one day at a time, never sure that when I close my eyes at night it won’t be forever.


Well, that’s about all I can think of for now, hopefully this blog will be useful to those intended. One piece of advice that I could give to anyone who believes in fairness, justice, honesty and compassion, anyone willing to speak out against violations of the aforementioned, protect yourself by learning as much as you can. You would also do yourself a favor to establish a baseline of your healthy self before being poisoned. Find a doctor you can trust and establish a good relationship, they will then be able to track any changes.

Activists all over the world are going through similar types of attacks. The objectives are to discredit, silence and control. We are in the “End Times”  people, “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last days…” Things are about to be seen both wondrous and fantastic, a terrific opportunity to stand on the right side of history and for God. I have absolutely no intention of ceasing my activism, speaking truth to power and living each day to the fullest. People of good conscience should never surrender. I love the good fight.


Defeat Gang Stalker poisoning through sample collection & GC/MS analysis

Gang Stalker Georgie poisoning me

I have a theory. I postulate that a government sanctioned criminal organization which depends upon secrecy for the moment, would best be destroyed through exposure. It is with this in mind that I do all that I can to both spread the word and document. Sure, many people will call you crazy when presented with this “inconvenient truth” but so what? After reading this, you can just give them a business card and say… “I have medical proof on my blog, go see for yourself!” Well, maybe it won’t be that easy, but at least some very hard scientific evidence will have your six whenever somebody claims that you are the exalted king of delusional paranoids (or Queen).

So, if the Gang Stalkers fail to break your will using “no touch” methods of control, they will eventually poison you. It’s a Jesuit thing. Poisoning still affords them plausible deniability since it can be accomplished remotely. It is employed as a last resort due to the observable symptoms it can produce. Although this physical evidence of criminal assault can be mitigated through records forgery and official’s corruption, it is usually a long road traveled to that final destination, leaving bread crumbs all along the way. I am going to teach you how to pick up some of those crumbs which will hopefully lead right back to those responsible. We won’t be able to catch everything they do, but with a little thought and diligence we can pin the tail on certain Donkeys (Jackasses). At the very least the Gang Stalkers will say…

“This is one TI we should have never messed with!”

I should offer not a warning but a reality check. They are very capable of killing you, and in rather unpleasant fashion at that. They have murdered many TI’s before and seem to be doing so more fervently than ever lately. I don’t want anyone reading this to have any delusions about their circumstances, what I am offering is simply my own anecdotal experiences in the hopes that it may help others. Make no mistake about it though, this is a program whose ultimate goal is your physical death. Whatever counter measures that you choose to employ, bear in mind that the Gang Stalkers may still attain their goal (albeit at high cost). Gang Stalking is and always has been a “death program”.

Blood Panels

Becton Dickinson Safety-Lok Vacutainer Blood CollectI consider blood tests to be the least useful of any of the diagnostic tests you can do. First of all, unless you specifically tell your lab or doctor the toxin to screen for, it will most likely be missed. The only way that a standard blood panel might detect that something is wrong is if whatever poison that the Gang Stalkers have poisoned you with causes secondary symptoms. Your liver isn’t functioning right, your kidneys aren’t filtering, something like that. If the blood tests do show something, the deviation from normal will have to be significant and or remarkable. This becomes problematic if you are seeing a new doctor who doesn’t have any of your previous blood panel records to know either what is normal nor abnormal for you.

Another bad thing about blood tests is this; county run clinics usually send all blood work to the lab contained within the county hospital. My personal experience is that county hospital labs are riddled with Gang Stalkers. As I’ve said before, poisoned TI’s calling ambulances and going to Emergency Rooms will encounter Gang Stalking EMT’s, Nurses, Doctors and Security Guards from start to finish. I have. They will turn you away, forge your records and give you medical mistreatment if not outright torture. I’ve even heard of them trying to kill you. You have to be prepared ahead of time for that and reading this is a good start. Have a plan in advance.


If you must get your blood work done at a county clinic or a place you aren’t sure of, make sure the Phlebotomist uses brand new needles etc. Next, you should have a private blood lab that you have hired yourself. Prices vary for different tests done so it is probably a good idea to just go with a package deal of tests at first, they should repeat the same ones your doctor ordered. Give your lab a photocopy of the panel tests your doctor ordered and any other tests that you would like in addition. In this way you can compare the different lab results and formally complain about any glaring discrepancies (lab results all vary between different labs). At the very least this will put the county lab on notice that you are watching and are willing to complain if mistreated. Even if you can’t isolate the particular poison that is being used, they won’t be so eager to mess with you next time. They hate being exposed.

DirectLabs Price list



Diagnostic Imaging (X-Rays, CT Scans, Sonagrams and MRI)

When your doctor tells you that he or she is going to order any one of the above, insist that they specify on the orders that you are to be personally given the exposures afterwards. To make sure that the technician knows that they are to give the films, printouts, video’s etc. to you personally, TELL THEM BEFOREHAND. Some techs aren’t used to this and may have to be reminded. Most imaging today is fairly quick and leaving with your images in hand should not be a problem, unless your doctor neglected to specify such in the orders.


Once you have your images you can photograph them in the window like I did, or have them copied for you. You may even convince your doctor to have the tech make two sets of exposures, one for you and one for the office. Medical records are valuable pieces of paper for the Gang Stalkers, they like to steal them so that you can’t prove their crimes.

The biggest problem with imaging is that the Gang Stalkers will tailor their poisoning of you to minimize presentable symptoms. For example; if they know that you will be going in for a Sinus CT Scan on a certain day and time, they will stop poisoning you the day before so that the scan will come out clear. My idea of how to combat this is to first of all, try to keep these appointments as clandestine as possible. Second, if you have a good relationship with your doctor, ask him or her to just give you standing orders for diagnostic imaging. Next, find all of the local hospitals, clinics etc. that can do the imaging and accept your insurance. Call these places and ask if it would be possible to ever come in without an appointment, spur of the moment. If the imaging is not too complex they will probably say yes. If not, ask them what is a good time to call in the morning to check for other patient’s cancellations that you can assume. Most places will be more than happy to accommodate you since they don’t get paid if the patient is a no show.

Of course, it won’t take too long before your enemies figure out what you’re up to and limit their exposures to hours that are inconvenient to seek medical treatment. Your advantage is that you will have doctors orders in hand which any Emergency Room will more than likely honor, especially if the reason you are there is related. Be sure to tell them that your symptoms affect one or more of your vital functions (mine do) like breathing or heart function, ER triage nurses can turn you away otherwise. They are only required to preserve life, not treat non-life threatening injuries. Give them your doctors orders for whatever imaging or other tests you previously agreed upon (COPIES, YOU KEEP THE ORIGINALS). Also make sure you ask the ER doctor and techs for their names and titles for a medical records release request that you will make later on. You can get these from the nurse’s station as well, if it isn’t too busy. Be firm but friendly, ER personnel see horrors that would drive most of us insane.

If the Gang Stalker’s poison you in a way that shows now, you will be able to immediately go in for testing and obtain medical proof/evidence of it. In this way, the Gang Stalkers will never know when it is safe for them to make you sick since you could just drop everything and go somewhere they haven’t prepared for. This will back them off a lot.

Toxicology and Chemical Analysis

Ah, where the rubber meets the road…

I don’t have any experience with toxicology, to me it seems to be putting the carriage before the horse. I don’t mean to say that seeking out the services of an honest toxicologist is a bad idea, quite the contrary. If, and I do mean if, you can find one that is affordable and most importantly, has integrity, then by all means do so. You see that guy up there narating the video above? Let me tell you a little story about professors who sideline as expert witnesses and give testimony in court, most usually for the “prestigious” State where the steady income is favorable. Toxicology is a field whose only practical employer is the government, where do you think their loyalties lie?

Back in Junior College, I had a psych professor who just didn’t seem to like me at all, for no reason that I could fathom. I was nice, polite, somewhat lackadaisical but did nothing to engender the animus directed at me. I will say that I was young and handsome while he on the other hand, was old and crusty, but it still didn’t add up. Years later I realized that he was a Gang Stalker, as had been many of my male college professors who treated me with the same unjustified hostility. Anyway, this psychology professor had a regular job working for the State Of California and Alameda County as a therapist in the penal system (prisons/jails). He also gave “expert” testimony in criminal cases for the prosecution when called upon, and was compensated for that as well. I can only imagine that his compensation for testimony was dependent upon successfully getting someone locked up and put away. Stop giving useful testimony for the prosecution and suddenly your opportunities for advancement as a public servant mysteriously dry up. Know what I mean?

You should have heard this guy in class. He had the nastiest, most derisive and vulgar of attitudes towards anyone incarcerated, guilty or not. He would ridicule the suspects of cases that he had evaluated, would try to goad them into admitting their guilt, illicit false confessions, try to persuade them with misleading legal advice just to get them to say they did it. He was not an impartial medical professional to these people under criminal charges, he was a prosecutorial primer by proxy. He was devoid of any professional ethics, flaunted his contempt of standards, prioritized making his accused “clients” look as guilty as possible and was arrogant as all get out. Whenever I would score a high mark on my tests, he would look absolutely dejected instead of congratulatory. Absolute garbage.

Since my JC days I have seen this same type of person in public service over and over again. It is for this reason that I would caution any Targeted Individual to stay well away from any Toxicologists or medical personnel that have any connection to the State or government, whatsoever. When trying to find someone honest to help you, question them to find out if they have ever worked in or for government, have any family working for government or express any pro government attitudes. You may have stumbled upon a Gang Stalking fascist hiding behind a professional title. Listen carefully to the guy in this video, Dr. Alan Wu, and try to discern whether he would be impartial and fair or not. In my opinion, he is too closely allied with the UC System recently headed by New World Order General Ms. Janet Napolitano, works at SF General Hospital where I was turned away from after having been poisoned (they have asshole Sheriffs and kill patients by staircase exposure too) and just seems to express to many negative attitudes towards people that the state is prosecuting. I almost fell out of my chair when he said that he actively sought out The Church Of Scientology to be a forensic expert witness when they murdered that woman. What an ambulance chaser! These are the type of people you need to look out for as they are most likely government sanctioned stalkers. They would not have been allowed to their positions without becoming complicit, it’s just that simple.

As for me, it would be hard to pay the fees that would come from what is sure to initially be, a “wild goose chase.” Maybe not, as I said, I have absolutely zero experience with this medical field, it just might be the answer. My reservation is that it seems plausible a majority of Toxicologists would have long ago been recruited as Stalkers, it just seems an obvious conclusion. If the Gang Stalkers are going to make you sick, they need to have people (toxicologists) to intercept you. I am especially leery since I’ve had more than one Gang Stalking Troll try to persuade me to employ their own “approved” toxicologists. Yeah, right.

To my reasoning, a better idea would be to identify as accurately as possible just exactly what poison or poisons you are being exposed to. The most scientifically expedient way to accomplish this is not through the blood, but through your exhaled breath. You see, every toxin in your body can be found in your breath, the breath contains everything. Exhaled air is better than blood since it is coming straight from the blood in your lungs and is much easier to work with. Enter Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, bastions of chemical analysis. Between these two types of analytic procedures, almost any chemical compound can be separated individual parts and identified. It can be expensive but not excessively so, you should seek out “non-specific” GC if you have no clue what could be poisoning you. This type should be requested anyway because it scans for everything, it should tell you just what all is in your system, chemically speaking. GC/MS uses database references to compare to the graph produced. When your graph matches the database, there is a very high probability that your compound is what the reference database says that it is. Without getting too complex, let me just say that this technique used first may be the only one you end up needing. It has been around for so long that it’s results are universally accepted as sound.

Figure 3: Sampling end-exhaled air with a gas sampling tube; mouthpiece screwed on; left hand: one of two sealing caps with septum; plastic net sleeve to protect glass.

Figure 3: Sampling end-exhaled air with a gas sampling tube; mouthpiece screwed on; left hand: one of two sealing caps with septum; plastic net sleeve to protect glass.

When being poisoned by gas or otherwise, collect an exhaled breath sample immediately in a special glass sampling tube. The beauty of this method is that wherever you are, no matter what time of day or night, you can collect a sample of your breath and preserve what was used on you. Then, you can send off your breath sample to the lab of your choice (certified) for analysis, at your convenience. Once you have the results back you should then have a very good idea what is in your body that should not be there. If you want to know how much of it is in you, you would ask for “quantitative” as well as “qualitative’ non-specific analysis. Because human breath has been studied for so long, they know exactly what should and shouldn’t be in it as well as how much. Bingo! Now you not only have proof that you are sick, you now know what is making you sick. The what will probably lead to the “who”, since it will most likely be a chemical that only a state has access to. Now when you go to the doctor for a blood panel, you can tell him exactly what to test for. The nitty gritty sciencey stuff can be found here;

Trace Analysis in End-Exhaled Air Using Direct Solvent Extraction in Gas Sampling Tubes

Biological pathogens are easier since any med lab can culture for those. I saw the below video while researching this the other day, showing a little girl with asthma using a virus collection tube for exhaled breath.


Forensic Examination (Autopsy)

Not much to say about this one, other than you would do best to make private forensic exam arrangements beforehand, should the worst happen

If there is even the slightest hint that your death was the result of foul play, the police will at the very least order an autopsy by the county medical examiner and he or she will find absolutely no evidence of poisoning. If your survivors start making wild claims about you being killed by poison, forget about the truth ever surfacing.

As was the case with the late murdered actress, Mrs. Brittany Murphy, county coroners are corrupt and complicit with the Gang Stalkers. Instruct whomever may find your body that you have made pre-arrangements and that those people should be called first. If there are any police or county examiner personnel involved after your demise, you can be sure that absolutely no evidence of poisoning will ever see the light of day.

If at all possible, instruct someone to take samples of your hair and nails at least (at the roots and quick), before your remains are removed. I know that may be a hard thing to do but if you are a TI in the poisoning stage, those around you should have seen enough by now to understand. Also have them a prepared suitcase or box full of any other evidence of your harassment you have managed to collect and preserve. If you death is a suspected homicide, all of these precious bits of evidence will be stolen by the police or others.

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Neurosciences is a field that has made leaps and bounds in terms of advancements over the years. We specialize in assisting families and institutions in the recovery of nervous system tissue and recovery of the brain to help document neurological disease, help families under the complexities of what their loved ones suffered from during life, and to further neurological research.

We are also active in teaching the neurosciences to help healthcare professionals understand the “pathological-clinical” correlation. That is, teaching them the pathology of neurological diseases so they can better asses patients clinically. Often times, clinically it is very difficult to discern what pathological processes are going on. With a brain autopsy, not only can the family benefit from understanding the pathology of the disease, but the clinician can also advance their clinical skills to help future neurological patients

That’s about it for now, but this post will be a work in progress and be amended as I learn more. Stay tuned for revisions and new info.

Take care and God bless.